Welcome to My Weight Loss Journey

Hey everyone my name is Ericka and this is my start of 2018 and my journey to getting fit...again!

I have always been a pretty athletic girl and recently I have gotten married, moved from California to Texas and in that process gained quite a bit of weight.

You know what? That's ok because LIFE happened and I wouldn't change a single thing.  However my entire walk in closet full of clothes begs to differ and I am starting back now!

This is real and me in my everyday life and if you want to join in and share please do because the more the merrier!

Up above in "The Good Stuff" you will find my daily journals, recipes/meals and tips.

In 80 Day Obsession in my Instagram page where I am posting daily videos of the journey!! 

I am starting at Day 10 so forgive me if it takes longer to post the days prior!! I am learning as I go!

Please be kind this is my first time doing this type of thing so it might be slow!


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