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Day 10: Cardio Core

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Oh man... this stomach bug is seriously kicking my a**!! I still have yet to figure out what is causing so much discomfort in my stomach but I was not letting it get in my way.

For the first time in I would say several months I was excited to get out of bed at 7 am and get my day started!

8 am - I was cooking my self my pre-work out meal (a cup of spinach, the remnants of a

green bell pepper, a piece of Dave's Killer Bread and a tsp of butter). I really was

not feeling it then but decided to go ahead and go for it so I piled on the Cholula

sat down and eat my meal contently. About, ehh ten minutes in I decided to

make my Beachbody® Energize and get ready for the kick, today's workout is

only a half hour I should be fine... WRONG.

8:30 am - So here I am tingling like crazy I still am on one scoop and ready to go so I hit

play on our awesome new Roku TV and get started. Mentally I was totally ready

for it and had prepared to not modify. About half way through my stomach started

to reallyyy hurt so I slowed it down and steadied my breath.. However it decided

on the last abdominal exercise to let me know it exsisted. I hit pause for about five

minutes and resumed. Overall I was excited because aside from my issue I did all

the exercises as best I could without modifying. BOOM

Of course the rest of the day meals went great right in the 2 hour window. Although my cod I have been defrosting isn't quite done so right now I am running water on my fish as I let you know how my day went! Tonight aside from fish is all the rest of my veggies in the fridge that are already cooked and that is it for the night!

Overall I woke up so happy today because I actually noticed changes in my body and measured a bit we will see as time goes on but Bracket B seems to be doing it's job!


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