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Last Minute Dinner

Lately all we have been having is chicken.. Now I love chicken but there is only so much chicken I can endure in so many ways so tonighttt I pulled out some Cod (you can snag a a bag at Aldi's for like 8 bucks!!!) It's a clean white fish takes hardly any time to cook so you can prep it several ways

• Pan fried

• Cast Iron Skilleted (is that even a word?!)

• Oven Baked

Tonight I opted for oven so I could work on this blog for you and get caught up since its already the 24th of the month...

Back to food I had some left over carbs in the fridge, some salad mixes that always seem to be there and I needed a seed to fill all my containers for my last an final meal soo:

• Preheat oven to 350° F and place cod on a baking dish with foil.

• I lightly drizzle mine with olive oil and Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends

Seafood Seasoning Seafood Magic. wow that is a handful any-who its a skinny bottle

with orange text and top. It's got a bit of a kick but yummy on just about any seafood


• Portioned out my veggies, carbs and nuts (mind you this is in a 1500-1799 calorie

bracketed diet and it is A LOT of food) made it look all pretty and boom dinners done.

There is no prep hardly any clean I mean you can do A LOT with left overs that don't necessarily go together. A few days ago I made a chicken stir fry with BBQ chicken from nights before that and holy crap it was yummy.

Totally ignore my box cutter at the top as I am currently at my desk typing and eating this yummy meal!

Message me ingredients you might have and can't figure out and we can get through it together!

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